REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a HIPAA complaint and secure web application which helps you in data collection and management. You can use REDCap for registry building, research and administrative operations, patient recruitment and quality improvement. This was created by Vanderbilt University to facilitate data acquisition and management for a wide variety of projects, especially Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved clinical research and basic research. Data collected in the course of the research are managed by the program and can be analyzed separately by commonly used statistical packages, including SAS, Stata, SPSS and R.


Office hours to answer REDCap questions are Wed 3:00-4:00pm and Fri 9:00-10:00am. There is a charge for support outside of office hours. Check our fees.

REDCap system issues and access requests can be reported through the Intake Form .

Few of the advanced features are restricted from end users and system’s admin approval is needed and we have intake for those sort of features.

Additional Features

  1. Twilio: Is a third party service, helps you in contacting the subjects and collect data using via phone, text messages.
  2. MyCap: A two way communication mobile application. You can send surveys, alerts and messages to the subject’s REDCap MyCap mobile application. Similar way, subjects can answer the surveys over their mobile app or ask the questions.
  3. MU Only REDCap FHIR: Is a secure connection to the MUHC Medical Records System (PowerChart). Using FHIR connection researchers can pull health data into REDCap project for patients on daily basis.
  4. MU Only Activation of Incommon Login: At MU we are offering ‘Incommon Login’ feature for external collaborators/ researchers. The login to MU’s REDCap will be through the user’s university credentials. If you are an MU employee/student please reach out to for access
  5. As REDCap Administrators we do project building for you. Our charges for project/ database building are on hourly basis. You can find the costs at

Find end user documentation at University Missouri REDCap.

Fee structure for external REDCap modules

Initial Set up + Basic Maintenance Tier: Approximately 7 hours/ year = $546

Project-Specific Maintenance Tier: Hourly basis