Fee for service

We offer an hourly fee-for-service for all informatics services with pricing information provided when responding to your inquiry. We place a high value on transparency and attempt to provide accurate forecasting while using a project management system for defining milestones, tasks and time-tracking.

NextGen Informatics Service Center performs informatics related services within the UM system and externally. These services leverage our unique medical informatics capabilities and data infrastructure to support research, grants and non-profit and private sector needs. Services include data requests, REDCap services, software development and analytical services.

  • $78 per hour (internal to UM System)
  • $122 per hour (external, non-profit)
  • $159 per hour (external, for-profit)

Research collaboration

Collaborations may budget for NextGen Informatics faculty/staff members as co-investigators on awarded grants. Medical Informatics personnel time on a grant should be representative of what is required to meet deliverables and should never be less than 5%.

Flat fee pricing and infrastructure cost recovery

Contact us for more information.