Research Data Request System

We provide aggregated counts, de-identified, limited, identified data through our Honest Broker services.

What does an end user need to request this service?

  1. Data Domains you need for research. Review our PCORNet’s data dictionary to determine what entities might be useful for your data.
  2. IRB approval as per data type :
  1. Aggregated counts : No IRB approval
  2. De-identified: Need Non HSR determination approval email from IRB (request from and select human-subjects-research-determination)
  3. Limited / Identified : Full IRB approval with HIPAA waiver population selection criteria. Note: Researchers from MU and UMKC must go through MU IRB for limited or identified data.
  1. PI’s approval will be sent if requestor is not the PI
  2. Inclusion and Exclusion criteria
  3. Sign our data use agreement

Service Costs:

Anything mentioned in our data dictionary and if the service scope is within 3 hours of our Honest Broker will be free of charges. Above 3 hours and entities not in data dictionary will be charged on hourly basis. Check our fees at


Our usual turn around time is 2-3 weeks. Depends on how quick we get all the entities needed per data type and work load of the research. Requests with additional data elements from source will take longer.


PHI’s requested must match the HIPAA waiver. Also, check the ‘Other Unique Identifiers’ field in HIPAA waiver if requesting for Visit Numbers/ FINs.